Jai Gurudev Dear Devotees

Please visit the following link to review Bhakti Marga SA Quarterly Newsletter from January till March 2020. It features events and prayers for the past three months. One of the exciting highlights is Reflections by Devotees on Guru Kripa (Grace of the Guru) in their lives. Enjoy!

In the Hindu tradition, we value the Grace of the Master more than the Grace of God. And it’s through Guru Kripa (the Grace of the Guru) that one gets the Grace of God. That’s why the Grace of the Master is considered to be the most important thing. Because loving the Master or surrendering to the Master is the same as surrendering to God. In the Master, the Spirit of God is fully present! And when the Master blesses someone, that’s God blessing the person. There is no difference between the Guru and God!” Paramahamsa Vishwananda

As Swami Vishwananda teaches us, the end result of a Yogic Path leads us to a union with our true self – a union between our hearts and our minds; and also a union with a spiritual family. It’s through Guruji’s grace that devotees are brought together to share and grow together, on the spiritual path, as a result Bhakti Marga SA have a number of events throughout the year.